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success story - the court satisfied the user's request

success story - the court satisfied the user's request

Another successful case of user rights protection! As a result of our free legal assistance, the customer got his money back!

In April 2021, a group of tourists who came to Georgia from the United Arab Emirates rented a car at Mimino LLC. Along with the rent, tourists were also given 200 USD as a deposit in case of possible damage to the car.

Tourists had an accident during the trip. Fortunately, the accident was minor and no one was injured. The patrol was called, who found the driver of the second car involved in the accident to be the culprit. Nevertheless, the company did not return the 200 USD paid as a deposit to the tourists. Negotiations with the company did not yield results. Tourists turned to us for help, after which we prepared a lawsuit on behalf of one of the tourists and applied to the court.

The representative of Mimino LLC did not appear at the court session. Accordingly, the court satisfied the tourist's claim and returned to him the amount equivalent to 200 US dollars.

It should be noted that the returned money was donated by tourists to our organization and it will be used for laboratory research of consumer products. Thus, as it turned out, the main goal for foreign citizens was to restore justice.

Hopefully, this example will encourage other users to try to protect their rights and thereby contribute to the formation of a culture of consumer respect in Georgia.