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  • 5 day


The goal of the training is to help participants develop or refine a volunteer management system. Within the framework of the training program, challenges in the field of volunteer management and ways to overcome them are discussed. Participants will gain knowledge about volunteer recruitment, development and retention and gain relevant practical experience.

The training is intended for representatives of organizations that use the services of volunteers or that plan to use the resource of volunteers in their activities.

Number of participants: 12-15 participants

Number of training days: 2 days

Covered Issues

  • Forms and models of volunteering
  • Volunteer Management Cycle
  • Planning work with volunteers
  • Methods of attracting volunteers
  • Selection of volunteers: preparation for interviews
  • Orientation of volunteers
  • Regulating the relationship between volunteers and paid employees
  • Volunteer Development: Training in the Workplace
  • Supervision of volunteers, evaluation of work performed
  • Motivating and retaining volunteers