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Financial or intellectual support of local organizations, initiative groups, social enterprises or various civil initiatives is one of the important activities of the organization.

Since 1998, the organization periodically announces grant contests according to the priority areas of activity, which serves the purpose of fulfilling individual program tasks. Grant competitions are announced in accordance with the open competition rules throughout Georgia or within individual target municipalities. Closed grant competitions are also announced only for certain target groups. The independent evaluation commission, which is staffed by representatives of the Strategic Research and Development Center of Georgia and independent experts from various fields, makes a decision regarding the financing of the projects accepted within the competition.

Each announced competition is accompanied by detailed information about the goals and objectives of the competition, priorities and conditions, the procedure for submitting the project application and/or the project application forms. Additional consultation meetings are also announced for those interested in participating in the competition. Interested organizations/groups or individuals should submit the complete application package in Georgian, via e-mail to the specific address that will be indicated in the information application about the individual grant competition. For those interested in grant contests, please keep an eye on the organization's news and Facebook pages, and you can get acquainted with the information about the projects supported by us.







Strengthening the early childhood development program

Habilitation and Development Center

program: Social Service Development
  • Budget: 13 460 euro
  • Region: Adjara
  • Duration: 2021/10/25-2022/10/24
  • Status: Completed

Implementation of rights-based services in children's day care centers

Union Orioni

program: Social Service Development
  • Budget: 13 456 euro
  • Region: Imereti
  • Duration: 2021/10/25-2022/10/24
  • Status: Completed

Initiative group "Dimeli women"

Lili Pulariani

program: Community Development
  • Budget: 5400 gel
  • Region: Imereti
  • Duration: 2022/06/17-2022/09/01
  • Status: Completed

Evaluation of the implementation of the action plan of the Law on Social Work and preparation of the 2022 report

Union of Social Workers

program: Social Service Development
  • Budget: 1400 euro
  • Region: Tbilisi
  • Duration: 2022/03/16-2022/09/01
  • Status: Completed


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