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empowering women for change 2012-2017

empowering women for change 2012-2017

The project aimed to promote gender equality and economic empowerment of women in Samegrelo and Kakheti regions.

Two stages of the project have been completed (the first stage in 2012-2015 and 2016-2017).

As a result of the implementation of the project - formation of women's initiative groups in 28 communities of Samegrelo and Kakheti, development of women's capabilities, as well as promotion, deepening and strengthening of relations between community groups and local self-government, civil sector and local business. A total of 299 women leaders were involved in both stages of the project, 50 community groups were created. 60 trainings, 209 thematic seminars and work meetings were held. 12 introductory tours were conducted. Within the framework of the micro-grant component, 87 projects were financed, the total value of which amounted to 388,031 GEL.

Project cost: 1,130,389 USD

Donor organization: United Nations Small Grants Program GEF

Partner organizations: Saga; Atinati;

Duration: 25/01/2012-31/01/2017