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Community Leaders' Forum 2022

Community Leaders' Forum 2022

On November 9-10, "Community Leaders' Forum 2022" will be held at the Lopota Spa Resorts hotel in Kakheti.

The forum is organized by the Center for Strategic Studies and Development of Georgia, within the framework of the project "Civil Society Initiative", with the support of the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Bread for the World and the University of Birmingham are also supporters of the forum.

The forum has been established over the years as a platform for community organizations to inform, develop and start interesting partnerships. Therefore, it is doubly important for us that after 2 years of online format, we will meet you live.

The public attending this year's forum will have the opportunity to hear the experiences of various community organizations, the results of research on the social impact of community projects, as well as become a participant in the awarding process of the best community initiative of 2020-2021.

The second day of the forum will be devoted to interesting interactive sessions for community organizations on various important topics.


If you are a representative of a community group/organization and want to attend a forum during which you will introduce your activities to the public, deepen your contacts with other community representatives, share your own and hear the experiences of other community leaders, and most importantly, get information on current issues for you, then be sure to fill out the registration form. Registration is possible until October 7, 18:00.


Contact information:

Salome Topuridze, CSRDG public relations expert

+995599326555, salometopuridze@csrdg.ge